The norm of law is that there are to be no eulogies at a Funeral Mass. It is up to the pastor to the parish to determine whether a remembrance will be permitted at a Funeral Mass for his parish. If a remembrance is permitted is must take place according to the procedures listed below. Visiting clergy are required to abide by the decision of the pastor and this policy (GIRM no.382).


A) If a pastor permits a remembrance, it should take place immediately before the Funeral Liturgy begins.

B) It should be limited to 3-5 minutes.

C) Only one person should represent the family and friends. Multiple remembrances are not permitted.

D) The pastor may request a written outline of the proposed remembrance remarks, if he deems it appropriate.

E) The current liturgical guidelines clearly indicate, “[a]t Funeral Masses there should usually be a short Homily, but to the exclusion of a funeral eulogy of any kind.”