202.1 Responsibility for Enforcing and Implementing Policy:

The Director of Information Technology is responsible for creating, updating, and implementing this Policy.

202.2 Creating and Maintaining Backups:

The Division of Information Technology will ensure that Backups of Electronic Records are maintained and purged in accordance with this Policy.


A) Backup of Electronic Records shall occur at the end of each month (“Monthly Backup”).

B) A Monthly Backup may be performed and maintained using a method and storage medium selected by the Division of Information Technology (including a medium other than the medium in which an Electronic Record was created).

C) A Monthly Backup should be stored in a secure off-site location.

D) Each Monthly Backup should be retained for at least three (3) years following its creation, with the caveat that a Monthly Backup for the month of December should be retained indefinitely.

202.3 Creating a Records Hold:

A Records Hold is necessary following the initiation or anticipated initiation of governmental or regulatory investigations and administrative or legal proceedings regarding the Archdiocese and/or its officers, directors, agents, or employees.  In the event any employee learns of any proceeding or anticipates the initiation of a proceeding, he or she should immediately inform the Division Director, who should then immediately contact the Director of Information Technology and Archdiocesan Legal Counsel to initiate a Records Hold.