601.1 Use Guided by Teachings and Missions:

The use of parish and school facilities should always be guided by the teachings and mission of the Church.

601.2 Responsibility for Ensuring Consistent Use:

The Pastor/PLD is responsible to insure that all use of church facilities is fully consistent with Church teachings and supports the mission of the Church.


Any questions regarding the appropriate use of church facilities should be directed to the Chancellor.

601.3 Use by Individuals and Outside Groups:

The Archdiocese recognizes that parishes and schools might permit their facilities to be used or rented by individual parishioners, families of school students, or by groups not directly affiliated with the parish.  Such use should support the religious, educational, or charitable mission of the parish.

601.4 Receipt of Rental Income:

Consistent with the questions and answers that follow, parishes can receive income from the rental of parish facilities to parishioners or nonprofit organizations.

601.5 Other Rental Restrictions:

Church facilities should not be rented to commercial entities or to individuals with no connection to the parish/school, and users must comply with the Archdiocese’s contract, insurance, and child protection policies including those discussed in the following Questions & Answers.