102.1 Compliance with Principles of Acceptable Use:

Archdiocesan Internet and computing system shall comply with the following principles of acceptable use.

102.2 Privacy:

Users shall respect the privacy of other users.  Excluding information stored on shared drives, users may not intentionally seek information, files, or data stored on other users’ computers, except where necessary to complete the users’ duties or where authorization has been obtained.

102.3 Copyright Laws:

Users shall respect copyright and license agreements for software, digital artwork, and other forms of electronic data and shall comply with all applicable copyright and trademark laws.

102.4 Protection of Data:

Users shall protect personally identifiable information, proprietary and financial information, educational records, human resources and benefits information, and other confidential data from unauthorized use or disclosure, as required by state and federal laws and Archdiocesan policies.

102.5 Respect for Computing Systems:

Users shall respect the integrity of computing systems, and shall not use or develop programs that harass other users or that  infiltrate, damage or alter computing systems or equipment.

102.6 Business Purposes:

Users shall use the Internet Services and computing equipment for business purposes and to assist in the performance of job duties and responsibilities. Users shall limit personal use of the Internet.

102.7 Security:

Users shall safeguard accounts and passwords by keeping password information private and reporting any observed or suspected security violations.