These policies and procedures apply to the development and execution of new construction, renovations and capital maintenance projects.

The Department of Management Services (DMS) oversees and administers the temporal goods of the Archdiocese. The Executive Director of the DMS is the primary contact for the initiation of the capital project approval process.

The Division of Facilities and Real Estate Management (DFREM) supports capital projects from concept to completion and warranty.

These policies and procedures are reviewed by the Archdiocesan Facilities and Real Estate Advisory Commission (FREAC). FREAC’s membership includes pastors, construction, facility and real estate professionals with significant experience and technical expertise in the successful performance of capital and real estate projects. FREAC provides general advice in the development of policies and procedures, reviews capital projects and real estate transactions, and provides recommendations to the Archbishop.

The Division of Information Services provides assistance in the assessment and evaluation of technology needs (computers, wiring, phone and security systems), RFPs, cost comparisons, etc. The Director of Information Services also serves as a member of FREAC.

The Division of Risk Management is involved in bonding and risk coverage during and after completion. If the project is related to replacement or repair from an accident, fire or other physical damage, the Division of Risk Management assists in obtaining insurance funds for covered losses.

The Department of Development provides support for the evaluation of fund-raising opportunities, consultants and techniques.