103.1 Conflicts of Interest:

The retention of any consultant, contractor, or subcontractor shall be subject to and in accordance with the Archdiocesan Conflict of Interest Policy, available here. In general, a parishioner, or any company in which a parishioner holds a vested interest, shall not be retained as a consultant, contractor, or subcontractor on a project at a parish where the parishioner is registered.

103.2 Contract with Professional:

A contract reflecting the specific services to be provided shall be executed upon selection and approval of a professional.

103.3 Contractors:

103.3.1 Competitive Bidding:

Competitive bidding shall be required for all Category I, III, or IV projects.  At least three (3) competitive bids are recommended for Category II projects.  Exemptions from this policy will be granted only in extraordinary cases where the Architect has provided sufficient information to allow DFREM to compare the scope of the work and price of the selected contractor with other contractors in the area sufficient to determine that the quoted price is competitive.

103.3.2 Prequalification of Contractors:

DFREM will pre-qualify and recommend general contractors for all Category I and IV projects.

103.3.3 Licensure and Insurance:

Certificates of insurance for the General Contractors and all sub-contractors meeting Archdiocesan requirements shall be filed with the Division of Risk Management with copies to DFREM.  Only licensed, insured, and certified contractors shall perform the removal of any hazardous materials (e.g., asbestos, oil tanks, etc.).

103.4 Architects:

103.4.1 Prequalification Required:

Only prequalified architects may perform work on any Archdiocesan project, regardless of category.

103.4.2 Insurance:

Certificates of insurance for the architect meeting Archdiocesan requirements shall be filed with the Division of Risk Management with copies to DFREM.

103.4.3 Project Selection Committee:

For Category IV projects, the architect will be selected by a Project Selection Committee, which shall include the pastor, parish/school project chairperson, and a representative from the parish/school finance committee.  DFREM shall issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to architects, and from the responses shall select no more than three (3) firms to be interviewed by the Project Selection Committee.  Following interviews, the Project Selection Committee shall make the final selection with the advice and approval of DFREM.

103.4.4 Structural Changes:

Any structural changes required to any property must be designed and inspected by a registered structural engineer prequalified by DFREM.  Structural changes include the construction or installation of new buildings and additions and any modifications to a building/property that compromises the safety or integrity of a structure or site.

103.4.5 Changes to Building Systems:

Any change, renovation, modification or addition to a major building system (e.g., mechanical, electrical, roofing, etc.) must be reviewed by a consultant recommended by DFREM before execution of any contract for such change.

103.4.6 Compliance with Archdiocesan Standards:

The architect for any project shall comply with any Archdiocesan standards established by DFREM, including the “Electronic Standards for Facilities Management and Design.”