503.1 Use of ISP:

Employees with an approved VPN shall use their own internet service provider (“ISP”) for access to the Archdiocesan network.


A) The user is responsible for paying any fees associated with the user’s ISP.

B)  A broadband ISP service with 256K speed or greater is recommended.

C) VPN access via America Online or dial-up services is not supported, due to technological and speed limitations.

503.2 Automatic Disconnections:

The Archdiocesan network will automatically disconnect VPN users after thirty minutes of inactivity. Pings or other artificial network process shall not be used to avoid disconnection.

503.3 Connection Limit:

VPN access may not extend beyond a 24-hour connection limit.

503.4 Expiration of VPN Access:

If a VPN account is not used for a period of six months the account will expire and no longer function.


VPN access is considered an “as needed” privilege, and account activity is monitored.  If VPN access expires and is subsequently required, the user must make a new VPN request as described above.

503.5 Unauthorized Users:

Employees with VPN privileges must ensure that unauthorized users are not allowed to access the Archdiocesan network

503.6 Internet Access Prohibited:

To protect the Security of the Archdiocesan network, access to the Internet is strictly prohibited while connected to the VPN. To gain access to the Internet, a user must log out of the VPN connection.

503.7 Compliance with Computer Use and Internet Policy:

VPN users must read and follow the Division of Information Technology’s Computer Use and Internet Policy, available here.