201.1 Giving Of Ecclesiastical Funeral Rites And A Funeral Mass:

“The Christian faithful departed are to be given ecclesiastical funeral rites according to the norm of law.” (Can. 1176 §1) A funeral Mass should be considered the norm within the funeral rituals.

201.2 Location Of Funeral Mass:

The Funeral Mass for any deceased member of the faithful must generally be celebrated in his or her parish church (canon 1177). A pastor may determine what rites may be celebrated at his parish church or the funeral home.

201.3 Funeral Masses at Non-Church Locations:

Any Funeral Mass to be held at a university, school, hospital or at any other site that may have a Catholic chapel on site must have the permission of the pastor and the Chancellor’s office.

201.4 Funeral Rites for the Poor:

Care is to be taken that the poor are not deprived of proper Funeral Rites, including the Funeral Mass (canon 1181).

201.5 Catechumens and Funeral Rights:

Regarding Ecclesiastical Funeral Rites, catechumens are to be considered members of the Church (canon 1183 §1).

201.6 Celebrating Funeral Rights for Member of Another Church:

The Church’s Funeral Rites may be celebrated for a baptized member of another Church or ecclesial community provided this would not be contrary to the wishes of the deceased person. The pastor of the parish is granted the authority to make this determination. (Canon 1183 §3, Order of Christian Funerals #18)