504 Viaticum For Dying


504.1 Minister of the Viaticum:

The ordinary minister of viaticum is the priest.  In case of necessity a deacon or any member of the faithful who has been duly appointed may administer viaticum.   (Pastoral Care for the Sick no. 29)


A deacon or other ministers follow the Rite provided for “Viaticum outside of Mass”. (Pastoral Care for the Sick, nos. 197-211)

504.2 Receiving the Viaticum:

When possible, the viaticum should be received within Mass, when the dying person is able to participate and respond.  Since the celebration of the viaticum general takes place under circumstances which limit the celebration of Mass, a simplified Rite for Mass may be appropriate. (Pastoral Care for the Sick nos. 177-178, 189-196)