303 Rules And Restrictions For Laptop Use


303.1 Ownership:

All Archdiocesan procured computer software and hardware systems and equipment, including laptop computers, are the sole property of the Archdiocese.

303.2 Unapproved Software:

Employees may only install approved software on Archdiocesan laptops.

303.3 Connecting Assigned Laptop to the Network:

Employees with assigned laptops must regularly (at least every 2 weeks) connect to the Archdiocesan network from within the Catholic Center to obtain the latest software updates, including operating system patches and virus updates.

303.4 VPN Connections:

Employees who are assigned laptops are not automatically eligible for Virtual Private Network connections to the Archdiocesan network.  Employees seeking this enhanced laptop service must complete a VPN request form in accordance with the VPN Policy, available here.

303.5 Compliance with Computer Use and Internet Policy:

Laptop users must read and follow the Division of Information Technology’s Computer Use and Internet Policy, available here.  

303.6 Laptop Security and Usage Guidelines:

Laptop users must read and follow the Division of Information Technology’s Laptop Security Awareness and Usage Guidelines, available here.

303.7 Home/Personnel Laptop:

Due to licensing agreement limitations, the Division of Information Technology may not install business software on home/personnel computers (i.e., that are not owned by the Archdiocese).

303.8 Connecting Home/Personnel Laptop to Archdiocesan Network:

Employees may not connect their own personal laptop to the Archdiocesan computer network.