302 Laptop Eligibility Requests


302.1 Approval for Assignment of Laptop:

An employee must obtain approval from the employee’s supervisor and Executive Director before submitting a request for assignment of a laptop to the Division of Information Technology.

302.2 Laptop Request Form:

All laptop requests must be made through an IT Laptop Request Form, available here.

302.3 Eligibility for Assigned Laptop:

Only employees whose job functions require significant use of computer and/or software products licensed to the Archdiocese while outside of the Catholic Center are eligible to be assigned a laptop computer

302.4 Unassigned Loaner Laptops:

The Archdiocese maintains a pool of “Loaner Laptops” available to meet the needs of employees who require computing outside the Catholic Center on a sporadic, infrequent, or inconsistent basis.


An employee may request a loaner laptop by sending an email request to the Helpdesk (*Helpdesk).