203 Destruction Of Backup Storage


203.1 Periodic Destruction:

Except where a Department/Division formally adopts a longer retention period, all Monthly Backups should be purged in accordance with this Policy.

203.2 Ensuring Litigation Hold is not in Place Prior to Destruction:

The Director of Information Technology is responsible for ensuring that a Monthly Backup is not subject to a Records Hold prior to destruction.

203.3 Three-Year Destruction Schedule:

A Monthly Backup that has been retained for at least three (3) years since its creation should be purged using appropriate electronic data destruction procedures, except that a Monthly Backup for the month of December should not be purged.

203.4 Destroying Existing Monthly Backups:

Any Monthly Backups in existence as of the effective date of this Policy that were created more than three (3) years earlier should be purged using appropriate electronic data destruction procedures, with the caveat that a Monthly Backup for the month of December should not be purged.

203.5 Retained Records:

Absent a Records Hold, ordinary implementation of this Policy should result in the following Monthly Backups being retained:

1) those less than three years old and

2) Monthly Backups for the month of December (regardless of age).