104 Archdiocesan Rights


104.1 Right to Access Email Messages and Computer Files:

The Archdiocese reserves the right to access and review all electronic mail messages and accounts transmitted or maintained on the Archdiocese’s Internet Services and any and all computer files stored on Archdiocesan-owned equipment.  Pursuant to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (18 USC § 2510 et seq.), notice is hereby given that there are NO services provided by this system for sending or receiving private or confidential electronic communications.

104.2 Right to Monitor Network Use:

The Archdiocese reserves the right to monitor and log network use and file server space use by users of the Internet Services (users are responsible for complying with all file server space allotments).

104.3 Right to Remove User:

The Archdiocese reserves the right to remove any user’s account access to the Internet Services.

104.4 Right to Change Policy:

The Archdiocese reserves the right to change its Computer Use and Internet Policy (and any other policies related to its Internet Services) at any time.