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Archdiocese of Baltimore – Deacon Life and Ministry Board
Placement Committee
Diaconal Self-Assessment Process
Revised 2020

Deacons may request transfer from their parish or agency assignment if:

The Deacon’s residence changes from the boundaries of the parish or becomes too distant from the agency location;

The Deacon and Pastor / Director are in agreement that a change in assignment is in the best interest of the deacon and of the parish/agency.


A Deacon within the Archdiocese seeking a parish/agency transfer must forward a written request to the Deacon Life and Ministry Board (Board).

The Board by way of the Placement Committee (Committee) will acknowledge, in writing the deacon’s request and provide the Diaconal Self-Assessment form (Attachment A) for completion by the deacon requesting a reassignment.

On receipt of the self-assessment form the Committee will contact the current Pastor/Director to seek validation of the termination to the Ministry Agreement and to obtain the most current written performance evaluation the Pastor/Director wishes to submit.

The Committee will review the deacon’s self-assessment and will contact parish/agencies that have requested diaconal assignment or that the Committee believes have an interest in having a deacon assigned to them.

The Committee will solicit from the interested Pastor/Director what ministry activities and time requirements the deacon will be required to perform.

The Committee will schedule and conduct an interview with the deacon seeking the re-assignment to discuss the information provided by the deacon, the current Pastor/Director, and the prospective assignment.

The Committee will provide a written evaluation and its recommendations to the Board regarding the deacon’s placement in a parish and/or agency.

Archdiocese of Baltimore – Placement Committee
Diaconal Self-Assessment
Name:   Year Ordained:  
Phone:   Email:  
Current Diaconal Assignment:  
Current Employer:  
Current Position:  
Highest Educational Grade / Degree:  

Please reflect on and answer the following questions regarding your ministry. If you need additional space for your responses, please use additional paper.

Please describe your current diaconal ministry

Describe your current diaconal ministry and the amount of time you devote to it each week?

What is it about your current ministry that gives you the most personal satisfaction?

What is it about your current ministry that gives you the least personal satisfaction?

Why do you wish for a change in assignment?

Although a deacon has legitimate and important liturgical functions, the deacon is more than his presence at the altar at Mass; to what extent is your diaconal ministry a ministry of service?

How do you evaluate your ministry in the light of this statement?

If you were not allowed to function liturgically, what would be left of your ministry?

Please describe your preaching ministry.

Do you preach on a regular basis? And if so, how frequently?

Do you receive a critique on your preaching from the pastor and/or others (Explain)?

How does your ministry of service influence your preaching?

If you do not preach, is it your choice? (Explain).

Deacons respond to meet the needs of people they serve.

Has your ministry changed in response to needs identified in the community? Please explain.

Does your ministry respond to needs outside of your local community?

The nature of the Church and the effectiveness of diaconal ministry in the local church makes it necessary to have an effective relationship with all members of the Church.

How would you describe your current ministerial experience?

Describe your relationship with other ministers in the parish/agency.

Do you prefer to act on your own or as a part of a team?

How effective have you been in involving others in ministry? Give examples.

Do you ever find yourself at odds with positions taken by the Leadership of the Church? What do you do, what have you done in those circumstances?

Do you have any identified problems in your working relationship with your pastor or other priests or the Archdiocese? Explain.

Deacons must have the opportunity to share their ministerial experience – thereby preserving a sense of inter-relationship and union with the mission of the Church.

What have been your opportunities to meet with the Archbishop or vicar bishop or delegate during the past year? Have you availed yourself of these opportunities?

Have you met with the diaconal community during the past year?

What opportunities for diaconal enrichment have you participated in?

Do you have a spiritual advisor? ( ) Yes ( ) No

When was the last time you meet with your advisor?

The deacon must be comfortable with his ministry and have some flexibility in his ministry –

What criteria do you use to judge the ‘success’ of your ministry?

The deacon and his family.

Have you and your wife experienced the influence of diaconal ministry in and on your marriage?

What steps have you taken to resolve the contradictions and strains that do arise or cause difficulties in your marital relationship?

How has your diaconal involvement affected your relationship with your children / grandchildren?

Have you discussed with another Pastor / Director a potential assignment?

(   ) Yes     (   ) No

If Yes – please provide the following

Parish / Agency:  

Please return Your Completed Self-Assessment by email to:

Fr. Michael Foppiano
Deacon Bruce Hultquist

After receipt and review of this information by the Deacon Placement Committee you will be contacted for an interview.