1155 Pastoral Policies for Deacons

The Division of Clergy Personnel


1155.1 Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Reasons for Policies – The experience of diaconal life and ministry today takes place in an environment of constant change. New circumstances and realities emerge in the Church and in society that present new challenges and opportunities for those engaged in diaconal ministry.
  • Policy Development – The development of policies and procedures relating to diaconal life and ministry is designed to provide consistent, thoughtful approaches that can lead deacons to enjoy happier, healthier, more satisfied, and more effective ministry.

Who Formulates Policy

  • The Deacon Life and Ministry Board, in collaboration with the Division of Clergy Personnel, formulates and recommends policies and procedures to the Archbishop.

Process to Propose Deacon Policy:

  1. The Board charges its Policy Committee, or another appropriate standing or ad hoc committee, with the task of preparing a policy draft pertaining to an identified area of concern.
  2. The committee researches the issues involved and prepares a draft for the Board to consider. The Chancellor and the Director of the Division of Clergy Personnel should be included in any review before the policy is submitted to the Deacon community for comment.
  3. Once the draft is received by the Board and approved, the policy is distributed to the Deacon community for comment if necessary.
  4. Any feedback and comments are compiled and reviewed by the Policy Committee or other appropriate committee, which makes any necessary changes to the draft.
  5. The final draft is presented to the Board for approval and then sent through the Division of Clergy Personnel to the Chancellor for final review. If necessary, it will also be reviewed by the Presbyteral Council.
  6. The policy is presented to the Archbishop for his review.
  7. On approval by the Chancellor and the Archbishop, the new or revised policy statement is provided to all deacons for their information, the Division of Clergy Personnel, and other archdiocesan bodies as necessary.
  8. The approved policy will be posted on the Archdiocesan website for easy access by all deacons.
1155.2 Application of this Policy Manual

The provisions stated in this Deacon Policy Manual are applicable to deacons incardinated in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, to deacons incardinated in other dioceses but serving in ministry in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, religious orders or institutions, and organizations within the territory governed by the Archbishop of Baltimore.

Individuals and employing institutions affected by this Policy Manual should consult the Division of Clergy Personnel regarding the procedure to be followed by those seeking required approvals.

1155.3 Distribution of this Policy Manual

This Deacon Policy Manual is to be made available to all deacons, all departments and offices of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, and Catholic institutions in the Archdiocese of Baltimore through its posting on-line at www.archbalt.org/policies.

1155.4 Periodic On-line Survey of Deacons
  • Leadership Skills – All pastors, including new pastors and administrators, should consider appropriate managerial practices to improve their leadership skills including participation in a 360 Evaluation, a survey of some kind or some other type of management tool or training method.

The Archbishop of Baltimore, the Office of the Diaconate, and/or the Deacon Life and Ministry Board may periodically conduct an on-line survey of deacons in order to obtain useful information including basic facts about individual deacons including languages spoken, aspirations for ministry or assignment, or other information the surveyor considers useful to fulfill its mission.

(Committee review 12-11-2020; Board review 05-04-2021; Chancellor review 06-20 2021; Ad experimentum approval 11-19-2021)